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Dr. Berenter is easily my favorite doctor of all time. He’s no-nonsense but he takes the time to explain things. He’s respected by his peers but doesn’t wield his medical degree like a king would a sceptre or a cop his badge. He’s unbelievably respectful of his patients’ time– more so than any doctor I’ve encountered. Most of all, though, he’s just a super-nice guy who you instantly feel at ease with. If you’re having foot issues, this is the guy.

Mark E

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Berenter for more than 15 years. I see him quarterly as a medicare aged diabetic, when appropriate he treats my neuroma, I have had issues with my arch and he provided me orthotics that did the trick. I still compete athletically and he cared for my twisted or strained ankles and has had to boot me once I believe. Most importantly he is there for us and kept me moving and athletic. His staff is always friendly and helpful and showed me how as a diabetic I could get special running shoes. They are all five star for me.

I value our relationship and appreciate his care.

Louis K

We are very happy to have Dr. Berenter as our podiatrist. Over the years we have found him to be an excellent practitioner and diagnostician and his staff competent, as well as, very warm and friendly. We look forward to our continued relationship with Dr. Berenter for our podiatry needs.

Judith F

Twenty years with the same physician must mean something! It does and I’m walking without pain after issues were successfully treated by Dr. Berenter. The skills start with him, but the same high levels of professionalism and patient-care concerns are evident with the other office members. When you visit this friendly office it feels like ‘family’ is working with you to help you improve. That makes for a happy patient. Me. Thanks guys.

Scott M

Highly recommended – Dr Berenter performed surgery on my foot 4 weeks ago and it feels better than ever! He takes his time explaining everything and it is apparent right away that he is one of the best in his field. If your feet hurt, do yourself a favor and give his office a call.

Brenden L

I saw Dr. Berenter a few months ago for an ingrown toe nail but i wanted to wait to post a review to have ample time for the consult, procedure, and follow up.

The entire experience was wonderful!! From the time i checked into the front desk and was greeted by a friendly front office staff that were smiling and seemed genuinely like happy staff.

I can’t say that i had much encounter with the back office personal because Dr. Berenter is on time with his schedule and yet gave ample time to answer questions all while calming me down about a “procedure” because i’m a wimp and have low pain tolerance. And most comforting, Dr. Berenter is down to earth and amazing bed side manner.

Over all, yessss!!! I have a new Podiatrist i hope for a very long time. And No, i am not an employee or have ever met this office before seeing him… genuine review and accolades to this office.

Cat H


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